The woodworking plant is located in Krasnodar Region, at equal distance from sea ports Novorossiisk and Temryuk, that gives the opportunity to carry out rapidly import and export raw materials, equipment and other products supply operations with different countries of the World.

The woodworking plant has own railway line, allowing to accept up to 10 freight cars simultaneously and carriageable approach roads for heavy-duty trucks. The land parcel is owned by the enterprise. The woodworking plant is one of the largest enterprises in Russia, engaged in production of timber houses from glued laminated timber, three-layred flooring boards from fine wood, window and door packaged units, board panels and accompanying wood moldings. The enterprise uses complete production cycle at all stages, from log conversion and timber drying to obtaining of finished products.

At present the enterprise produces from 4 to 6 completed houses from glued laminated timber of 1000 sq.m floor area per months. In addition, it renders services to third parties in log conversion and timber drying – up to 1000 m3 per month and produces window and door packaged units and various wood moldings by orders of individual customers.

Main characteristics of the enterprise:

1. Territory of enterprise
 33 227 m2
2. Production area,
 а) Production building No.1
 b) Production building No.2
 c) Drying complex
 d) Log sectioning section
 10 435,6 m2

 6 916,3 m2
 1 092,7 m2
 1 636 m2
 790,6 m2
3. Boiler house (4,6 MW) 358,3 m2
4. Amenity building  629,2 m2
5. Material warehouse 35,7 m2
6. Open ground storage with the Gantry crane 3 100 m2
7. Electrical supply network 2,5 MW
8. Artesian well (depth)
 200 m

The enterprise applies the latest wood processing technologies and developed, proved operating procedures and production routes for different wood items. Well-trained personnel of the enterprise uses the following advanced Italian and German equipment:

1. Woodsawing complex PRIMULTINI (Italy): equipped with hard-alloy brazing saw with sawcarriage positioning to 0,1 mm, sawing velocity up 40 m/min, return of up to 100 m/min; electronic woodsawing optimization system.

2. Computerized dryer INCOPLAN (Italy) allowing simultaneous 1500 m3 of converted timber steam curing.

3. House production line Schmidler SG (Germany): the newest line for production of different architectural patterns houses from glued laminated timber produces up to five wooden houses (S = 300 m2) per month.

4. Flat surface paining line CHEFLA FINISHING (Italy), allows to lacquer products (applying up to six layers) using UV hardening for each layer separately.

The enterprise has high capacity exhaust system, boiler equipment operating on production waste, 2.5 MW electrical supply network (connected from two different substations). There is a overhead bridge crane and a large bay for materials unloading and finished products loading.

The enterprise uses the following timber species: Siberian larch, Siberian pine, oak, beech, peer, cherry, ash and others.

Production facilities of the enterprise allows to produce:

1. Wooden houses from glued laminated timber up to 2 500 m2/month.
2. Doors and windows three-layred glued laminated timber up to 1 000 m2/month.
3. Three-layred flooring boards from valuable wood species up to 18 000 m2/month.
4. Rendering services in wood drying using Italian equipment up to 5 000 m3/month.
5. Production of all accompanying other products for wooden houses.
6. Ladder designs, railing and rack.
7. Landscape gardening items.
8. Wooden roofing designs.
9. Frame dwelling houses with use of glued laminated timber.

The enterprise has subdivisions with well-trained personnel that perform various works, from development of landscape design, and, moreover, to production, mounting and delivering of wooden houses from glued laminated timber on a turn-key basis according to design projects.

Cost of wooden laminated timber houses production varies from 5 mln to 40 mln rubles per unit.

Payment for finished products is effected by cash or non-cash settlements. Customers mainly prefer cash settlement. Average monthly sales revenue is 30 mln rubles, and at full capacity load it is near 100 mln rubles per month.

At the moment factory works and produces all the above-mentioned products.